6'2" in heels


My favorite gurl called yesterday, and that would be “Beth”. She is my sweety and I’ve been trying to seduce this lovely lesbian sissy for awhile. Finally she succumbed to my will and I broke her sissy cherry ala Britany. Beth has had several other ladies on the service who enjoyed her femininity as much as I did. The description of how I take her is taken very slow and detailed, starting from caressing with my long french manicured nails, to choosing the perfect dildo. Beth has been under my training and direction for awhile, and to keep her affirmed that she is a true girl is most enjoyable.


Not all of my sissies are treated with such kid gloves. Mostly they are put in their place by humiliation, chastity training, and rigorous drilling either with lessons or butt plugs. Dildos and butt plugs are mandatory. Bi cocksucking training and Blackjacks verbieten es, dass die Hole Card des Croupiers aufgedeckt wird..com” target=”_blank”>cum eating are negotiated. Not every slut can or will eat their cum. Often the plead to eat cum will end up with a big click. Awww, she couldn’t do it.


A nice boy sent me “The Duchess” DVD and left a note with it, “A Duchess for a Princess”. How sweet is that. Thank you ! A Princess should be showered with gifts, especially Amazon gift cards. While on the subject of nice boy sissies, sissy chrissie called yesterday for a bi fantasy call dressed up in her usual pastel pink sweet gurl dress. She knows better to ask me to switch again and this time she was tied up and convinced to service the 2 studs who knocked on the door earlier. She did apologize for the call before this one as she was in Ireland and drunk. That’s to be expected. Imagine this completely girly party dress made for a girl with huge e cup breast forms. An odd juxtaposition. 


Princess Britany