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Tarjay Cam Boi Rocks Again

Another hot call with my Target boy the other day on Skype. This sissy boi is so slutty, he had limited time so we did a home cam show. He had his sexy panties of pink and white and a big blue dildo with a battery pack buzzing along. This boy is truly great with a camera. When the anal service was coming to an end, it was time for the slut to lie on his back for cum eating duty. He gave me a nice creamy cum shot. This boy has a beard, so much of it was caught there, but in the end he sopped it up like sauce and bread! In the end, he looked very contented and happy that his kink was served.

Princess Britany 1-800-356-6169

Did You Get Your SPH? Your PTP?

Today is the 22nd of August and I have had quite a few pass the penis calls because of the special pricing this month. Did you get yours? The info is right here, and you should be curious to be passed around like a cockteased toy that you love to be! We had one boy who sent out emails with small cock in hand who did not pass the small penis pageant contest. He had three inches. The winner had just about nothing, and it looked like an inny. How unfortunate! This boy on had three passes because a little dick does not take long to cum, especially when the small penis humiliation raises it’s cruel head…from three Mistresses! Small penis or not, give us a call and stroke for us, one Mistress at a time!

Princess Britany