Tease Denial, Tease and Please

Tease denial, tease and please, you in essence love to jerk off for me no matter where it leads. Denial is inevitable with cock control. So are ruined orgasms along with long grueling marathon orgasms which will be expected down the road, once you are proficient with my approval!

Tease Denial, Princess Style: Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975

How Many Edges can you Do

I think you do care where it leads because many of you love to please me. It’s the tease factor that is important. How many edges can you do without going totally bonkers and slipping out a big blast without permission. It’s the edging in tease denial please that makes the difference. With me, you will practice edging beyond your limits.

Cock Tease is My Top of the List Phone Fun Play

Cock tease is my forte along with sissy training, humiliation fantasy, hot wife cuckold fantasies, and of course, cock control. How does Princess tease me? Look at my photo and imagine me giving you a show, knowing the moves and demands as you get harder and hot to cum to a great big denial…for now, maybe for the next time. I can order Milovana teases for assignments, worship stroking on your knees in front of my pictures, and great, big, fat, not so juicy ruined orgasms upon demand.

After you Graduate to Stellar Stroker, You Get the Final Test

Finally, you made the grade, proficient in all training. You have even done chastity training for me, excelling in that. You can cum on demand, and deny on demand. What is next is marathon orgasms, cumming one after the other and being humiliated if you fail. Keep it in your head: I will not fail, Princess Britany. She is my Goddess and trainer, and my cock is her cock.


Princess Britany