Every now and then I talk to a boy who actually cries because his balls are so blue and full of cum. Now why are they? Because the agreement was he is never allowed to cum with me. He is in total orgasm denial and claims to never cum. I don’t know if I believe that . So as the call went, he was in a parachute harness, nipple clamps, and stroking in a condom. I make him stroke in a condom to add to his humiliation because that condom will never be filled talking to me. On this call after I said NO, he broke down again. I sooo love it!


Soyoung Kim is now a full time weekend nightclub lizard.  Thanks to a complete submission to her role as a sissy slut (and great training from Princess) she now has the courage to spend weekend nights going to clubs dressed like a total whore.  Soyoung has saved all the money she earned during winter working as a cocksucker in the alley behind the Hilton to buy really expensive silicone breast forms.  They are medical grade and once glued, they cannot be unglued for days and need a special chemical to dissolve the adhesive.


She sent me a video of her outfit showing off her new DD twins.  Silly trashy sissy has the style of the perfect streetwalker: stripper heels, thigh high fishnets, micro mini skirt and a backless asian silk top.  Hoop rings, pierced belly button and a tramp stamp!!  Apparently she’s got a few tattoos now.  BBC sluts usually have a Queen of Spades tattoo to let black stallions know that they love to submit to the black man.  Soyoung has one on her shoulder and another on her ankle…just to make sure all black men get the message.  She also has some asian writing down her back.  She says it’s “whore” in Chinese, “slut” in Korean. and “easy” in Japanese.  That’s my gurl!


Princess Britany