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Tease and NOT Please

One thing that gets a stroker all wound up is looking at a photo gallery of diverse and provocative photos of a Princess in all stages of undress. It’s fun to listen to the whining, begging, cajoling, and squirming as I tease and not please. Super edging, power edging, whatever you like calling it. Sissies seem to fail at this exercise…brain sploogers they are. Now I had soyoung gurl sending emails of call setup and she couldn’t even last a day without brain splooging.

Super Edging

One boy who is getting good at super edging is raddy. Just now he followed every order, was ordered to cum and was punished for it, threatened with chastity and cuckolding. Cuckolding is always at best with a small cock and chastity device. Usually in a cuckold fantasy, the boy is allowed to stroke while bull does his thing. It is especially cruel when that is denied.


This weekend was awesome at the mall in Venice. I bought a new pink polka dot bikini, silver sandals, a cute yellow and green dress, and a sky blue mini skirt in spandex and cotton. On the vendor beach walk, I found some great jewelry and other bling, perfect for clubbing.


Princess Britany