Teenie Weenie Little Dickie

Teenie weenie…who is that? Just about 90% of my callers…lol. Is it odd that every single caller today has a little cock? All different phone fantasies among them, from cuckold boys to sissy bois. Actually I dished out small penis humiliation to 100%. There was mention of not really into it then he confessed that the little dick was there and humiliation was more about orgasm denial because he felt he did not deserve to cum.

Teenie Weenie Rolls Again: Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975

Small Cocks Don’t Matter

Since I just mentioned teenie weenie, no one got to cum much today, and I’m not gonna waste tons of time on the topic due to the fact small cocks don’t matter. As I type this, zane is standing over my shoulder frowning. He wishes he was more dick and less brain, but unfortunately, he struck out in one department.

Small Cocks Matter!

I lied. Small cocks do matter. I recall so many belly laughs viewing the small dicks on Yahoo or Skype, and they were sincere. I could not contain it. Then when they were denied orgasm, that was given with huge laughter. This is a subject that I can blog about for days.

Zane’s Little Dick

I’m moving on to zane the brain, my live in sph boy. zane loves me to the absolute ultimate but I have never had sex with him. Why? He has a small dick, 3 little inches. He is good looking, looks good in panties and girlie clothes, is brilliant but he has a small dick. He will do anything for me, and I even cuckold him too with the right bull. One that lets him watch and jerk his little pecker. I keep him around. He is my sissy small cocked boy. I have plenty of practice with sph because of him, and this is where you win. Experience, straight from the Princess mouth!

Princess Britany