One evening after our date Brad had dropped me off at home. After he opened the door of his car for me to get out I caught him yet again staring at my tanned legs and sexy pumps as I stepped out of the vehicle. I hooked my pinky with his and without a word I pulled him after me, like a lamb to slaughter. We walked past our swimming pool and into a small building my parents and I called The Bungalow. It had a small bar, a couple of chairs and a sleep sofa as well as  a room we used for storage.
There was a full moon out and its light illuminated the room, I told Brad to take his clothes off and pull out the sofa bed. Once he did I told him to stand at the foot of the bed which he did. The shadows cast by the moon highlighted his muscles beautifully, he was magnificent and although I was smaller than him in stature he belonged to me . I put on a slow strip tease for him but kept on my high heels with ankle straps before I propped up some pillows to lay my head on, then lay down on the bed with my legs spread. That huge cock of his was swollen and throbbing.  I lifted a leg and pointing a stilletoed foot at him I purred, “Use your mouth”. In a split second he dove face down into my wet pussy and started licking and eating me at a voracious pace. No tease and please, just licking and lapping . As he laid down on the mattress I threw my legs over his shoulders, my hands pushing his head down firmly without any regard to his discomfort.
I slid my heels up and down and all around his muscled back and started to shudder as he moaned his approval inside my pussy. I guided his oral ministrations with sharp stabs to his ribs and like a good boy ,he would immediately desist and move his tongue to where it previously was. This was both Brad and my initiation into Princess Britany’s Realm of Pleasure Pain. Me dishing it out, him absorbing it in true masochistic bliss. I was delirious with pleasure from the empowerment Brad gave me with his complete surrender to me, his Princess, Mistress & Bitch Goddess.
My orgasms rolled over and over one after another as I shook my head from side to side and dragged my heels helter skelter all over Brad. By now I could see that his back was completely decorated with my heel marks, completely broken Brad wore my brand that marked him thoroughly as my property, both physically and mentally. The sofa bed slammed into the wall and the sheets were soaked with our sweat and all the time Brad never missed a beat, he just kept on going like the energizing bunny (took a kicking and kept on licking). My breaths were deep gasps by now and as the last orgasm thundered from my writhing body I pulled his hair and wrapped my legs around his head and dug my heels in hard. When it was over we lay like that catching our breath in post orgasmic shudder. I climbed off Brad and he turned over on his back so he could catch his breath a little easier. That’s when I noticed that except for some precum he didn’t shoot his load. He looked at me with soft eyes and croaked, “Please please……?”. I knew he wanted me to get on top of him and give him a good fucking but judging by how purple his cock was Brad would be nothing more than a two pump chump and not worth the effort. Instead I took my foot and dragged the soul and heel up the length of his cock from balls to tip and in true two pump chump fashion he shot his load long and hard up his washboard abs, his heaving chest and stopping at his throat, moaning, trembling and sobbing as he did. He lay there exhausted as I got dressed and started walking towards the house. As I opened the door I said to him without looking back, “Don’t forget to lock the door when you leave”. Smiling and satisfied I left. The end.
Princess Britany