Cock Tease Classmate

Brad and I had Psych 101 together and arranged it where he would sit next to me so he could  chat me up and lure me to bed. I noticed right away if I crossed and recrossed my legs or dangled a pump, he had a hard time looking at me while he spoke to me. The cock teasing dangle was his bait. If he was conversing with the professor, it was equally hard concentrating during the conversation. The dangle was used to good advantage . Of course the more I teased him the more he would come on, the more he came on the more I teased him. An endless game of cat and mouse. Each time I mercilessly teased him, it resulted with an impressive bulge in his pants. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t tempted to sleep with him, but he and his clique thought it was macho or funny hurting my fellow Princesses and I was on a mission that if Brad had his mind made up that someone had to be dominated. I was going to make sure it was him not me. Nobody dominates Princess Britany. Princess Britany does the dangle and the domination.
The Art Of The Dangle Part Two:Princess Britany 1-800-356-6169

The Dangle Worked Every Time

As time went by, I did go out with Brad but only under the condition that he understood we could see other people. He readily agreed in order to get closer to me so he could carry on his mission to use me and dominate me in bed. We both did see other people at the beginning of our arrangement but he soon realized that scenario wasn’t going to get him any closer to me. He then quit seeing other women so he could make himself more available to go out with me despite the fact that I was still free to see whomever I wish. No one could carry on the dangle as I did. Slowly but surely I was rewiring his brain to accept that I can do whatever I want and I didn’t care what he thought about it. He was beyond cock teased. Brads phone messages went unanswered but occasionally I would return them. It was about this time Brad was sending more and more flowers. Im quite sure he was sending them to me at first to sway me into seeing him so he could complete his plan to dominate me as he did with my sorority sisters. Somewhere in his mind fucking he got all turned around, forgot where he came into the forest , got hopelessly lost and forgot where he entered  because now his motives to please me were no longer for selfish reasons, his motives were to please me so I wouldn’t ignore him. Poor baby.

Endless Flirting

Whether Brad and I were at school talking to friends or fraternizing at a party, it was usually me that was doing the talking while Brad just stood there. If some cute guy would start a casual flirtation I would pretend to casually flirt back in order to see if Brads reaction was passive. It almost always was. When it wasn’t, I would continue to flirt or giggle while I would wrap my fingers around his bicep possessively and give a slight squeeze. He loved it and would desist, literally wrapped around my finger. Any physical contact from me that was mildly affectionate pleased Brad beyond words even though it didn’t progress to anything beyond that. He was slowly but surely becoming a well behaved pet. He never complained because by now I had him conditioned how important it meant to me that guys I dated always treated me like a Lady and because I did, it became important to him. The more he capitulated to me the more he became part of my universe. It  was now time to put the finishing touches to Brads transformation into slave boy. … be continued
Princess Britany