Massage Time! Get Ready For Some Hard Work. It's Been A Long Weekend, Sissy

This weekend I played with my new guy Jason. He’s a real man who is absolutely amused by my job. I was apprehensive to tell him, but we had dinner at an Italian restaurant and I had one wine too many and came clean. He is totally interested in being cock controlled, but has no interest in sissy training of course. What he is interested in though, is watching me in action with a sissy training session. I may just get moron martin over for some sissy humiliation. I dressed up moron a few years ago in high school with my friends, and moron still want me to play with him. Well now…I’m going to think about that one. The thing is, Jason may want a blow job. moron martin never went that way. Let’s see if he will do that for Princess!

The date has been set for this coming Saturday, did I mention that martin has a 3 inch cock? I doubt I can show that to Jason, but I certainly would like a photo of big cock small cock side by side.

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