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CFNM Party!

A CFNM party last weekend featuring zane the brain went kinky and smooth. All Princesses had foot worship, asses licked, and a few guys showed up at the end for blow jobs. Zane had pink lip gloss for the grand finale, and the guys provided cum eating lunches for the hungry entertainer.

Good Synchronicity

It has been awhile since I had the last CFNM party. Things have to come together perfectly to make these parties work. The ladies have to be available, the entertaining boy has to be in town, and in this case, a few boyfriends came over later on to have drinks and of course the complimentary blow job.

Mojitos By The Pool

The drinks of choice? Zane’s famous Mojitos with premium rum. Just perfect for the pool, as zane served them with only a pink apron. His little dick was encased in his chastity device which I keep threatening to keep him in it forever. Why not? Chastity training becomes him. After his last screw up, he has learned his lesson….so far!

Strap on Time

After the pool, we five Princesses dressed in our sun dresses and kitten heels while zane tended to the bar-b-que, preparing salmon, salad, and other goodies. Drinks of course, demanded often enough. Things were getting demanding and wild as the strapons came out and the spanking paddles.

Time To rest

Zane was allowed to sleep on the floor in a hood at the end of the party Saturday so he could prepare breakfast in the morning. We Princesses crashed on the couch, bed, and futons. When Zane began to snore, he was punished with a riding crop. Poor slave worked so hard.

Breakfast And Blowjobs

After breakfast, he made us Bloody Mary’s, then the blow job crew came in for their gifts. Lucky zane had to service only two guys, but the size of their dicks made up for the lack of more. Such a weekend it was!


Princess Britany