The Chronic Masturbation Cure

Do you chronically masturbate? Is your world all tied up in jerking off and your brain is in a fog. You feel over masturbated and nothing is getting done. I have the chronic masturbation cure for you. There is a little cage that you put on your cock ordered by your chastity mistress. She will control your cock because this is her passion. To keep you in check, she will monitor and pull you into submission where you belong.

The Chronic Masturbation Cure: Princess Britany 1-800-601-6965

There is a Little Cage…

How do you start the chronic masturbation cure? By ordering your cage as soon as possible. I’ll bet it will be small too. I have been noticing guys who jerk off a lot have tiny dicks. This is the majority anyways, there are exceptions of course. When it comes in the mail, you become so excited that you jerk off and cum thinking it will be the very last time. This is not the case because your Mistress will want to drain your balls before she locks your cock in the chastity mistress manner. She wants to add small penis humiliation as well. She will tell you that a cock that small doesn’t deserve to cum much. It needs to conserve!

Chastity Humiliation

How long will your Goddess keep you in the chastity cage? She laughs and says FOREVER but that is impractical. Cocks need to come out of the cage for freshening up, shaving, and a through examination. At this time she will take the opportunity to humiliate you and make you feel like the jerk off artist that you are. If you can imagine her French tipped fingernail pointing at your small cock as she laughs and declares your inadequacy, then you have humiliation imagination.

Get to Work Pee Wee

I end this post with a vision. That your cock will slip nicely into a cage upon my order. The length of your sentence will be much longer than your cock. My laughter may make you too hard to get into that cage, but we will find a way!

Humiliation Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975