I’m new to the group blogs. I don’t know why I waited for so long to post on them. The Daily Cock Sucker caught my eye today and I wrote a post in no time. I imagine you know why. Coercion? Humiliation? Cock sucking lessons, cock suckingĀ  humiliation, cum eating, and very big host cocks. What’s not to like? The post I wrote on the Daily Cock Sucker will be published in a few weeks, and I will inform you when it is. In the meantime why not read the post. There is an audio clip with it but you don’t get to hear it yet….why? Because I’m mean is why.

The Daily Cocksucker??? Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975

I’m Princess Britany, and I train sissy sluts and apprehensive faggy pants boys, for those of you who don’t know. Submissive boys do not have a chance with me in the cock sucking arena. There is no turning back, and I insist that you finally eat the cum.

Let’s begin with a plan to get you ready for a big dicked host. He’s been looking forward to your excellent blow job for weeks. I told him that you have trained on a twelve inch dildo and can deep throat it. What’s missing is the cum eating. You have only eaten your own. All trainees like you must wear panties to every assignment. Humiliation is the big factor.

When the massive dick arrives, I order you to curtsy even if you are not a sissy. Then you drop to your knees and open his pants. When his really big cock pops out you are cock sure and ready! He has been ordered to be in a chastity cage for one month so he can accumulate plenty of sperm for the worm. This is your cum eating event that will prove your submission! If need be, I will tie you up to achieve the goal.

Consider yourself fortunate that you have crossed my path. I cultivate the best cocksuckers around and this host is almost ready to blast in your mouth. First I want to work on your technique using as much tongue as needed, then for the deep throat sucking, the dramatic sound effects, and finally losing the gag reflex and swallowing the cum in one fell swoop. It’s yours to devour, now go for it faggy pants!


Princess Britany