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Princess Britany 1-800-356-6169

Fun Call With Ms Amber

I had a fun call with Ms Amber today, detailing a four way phone sex fantasy with a boy named “harry”.

Poor “Little” Harry

Harold is my boyfriend with an average sized dick. I condescendingly call him “harry” cuz I’m a lil bitch princess who loves to instigate things. Today we went over to Amber and Derrick’s house to visit but Amber and I had another idea. I was time for a little four way action.

Big Dick Derrick

Derrick has a very big cock that I was just dying to get my hands on it, Amber loves harry’s good looks. Of course we all strip naked and in the same room. It seems that harry was very interested in Derrick’s big cock, he couldn’t keep his eyes off of it!

Harry Takes It Like A Bitch

Come on over, harry. It’s time you learn how to play with a very big one. A little coerced-bi is always a fun show for a princess like me. I announce that Derrick’s cock is just too big for my pretty little ass. Maybe harry can accommodate it with a little faggy butt fucking action. Of course harry would not object. Goodness his average dick was so small compared to Derrick’s big monster.

Good Show!

Blasting a load in harry’s ass was so much fun as Amber and I coaxed him along. It’s a lot better than butt fucking it with a strap on like I do…hahaha. Poor harry got no satisfaction, not even eating his own cum.

Just another example on how some guys love to clandestinely suck dick and eat cum!


Princess Britany