Remember that little pathetic street walking sissy slut in training? Sissy carla? Here is the humiliation post to refresh your memory. I reread this post and cracked up how absolutely depraved this slut is. Anyways, she called a few days back complaining that I got her name wrong. Well I did not. Princess B makes no mistakes. The little dick suck now likes to be called “so-young”. It works with the fact that she is a little petite Korean slut that likes to mince around saying “me so hawney, me love you good long time”, over and over again. Imagine most of the call focusing on this little phrase from Full Metal Jacket, in the sultriest of girlie boi voice.  Actually much of our call focused on her summer “training”. Eager to street walk in the best of shape, “so-young” worked out in the gym and lost her baby fat. After her workout she would sit naked in the sauna except for acrylic stripper heels, waiting for dick to suck. She asked me to pass this along. If you are ever in the DC area, look for “so-young” in front of the Hilton working it, and get your free blowjob. Tell her Princess Britany sent you. 🙂

A Cocksucker’s Birthday Gift

I must mention this totally hot call I just had with a cuckold cocksucker boy. We did a fantasy where it was his birthday and I provided 3 cocks. A black dick, brown uncut dick, and a humungous white fat cock. All of these cocks shoot like viscous powerful squirt guns on his face, roof of mouth, or wherever I said. Of course I got my turn sucking dick right next to my partner. There was a contest of who could make the dicks cum first and of course, being his fantasy, he reigned. Ok , it was his birthday after all. awesome fun call !!!


Princess Britany