Princess Britany

Frosting For The Cookie

Today I had the most awesome cum eating phone domination call with a creative boy giving me a Skype show. It’s great to know some of you actually cook. This boy can bake too. He baked a nice little gingerbread man and had little yellow and green candy flowers to go with it. There was also a glass of cum from hours ago.

He Loves Cum Eating

More cum would be produced at the end of the call for more “frosting”. After some edging and stroking, this boy came hard on the creation. He did not miss a beat, adding the little flowers accompanying the load of cum. Yes he ate it, and he really enjoyed the show he put on for me. As you all know, I love to be amused and entertained.

Can You Do It?

Cum eating gained popularity in the last few years. I believe it’s the challenge to actually do it. I mention many times to boys on the call “do not hang up…just do it and say thank you princess”!

Make An Appointment For Xmas Day

I think I will be taking calls part of the day on Xmas. Don’t forget we have old rate prices for the whole month. This is a perfect day for sissies to call wearing cocksucker red lipstick and their santa hats with their wigs. Wigs scream for hats. Girlie bois¬†should look into human hair wigs for the most natural look! See ya Xmas!


Princess Britany