Sissy Assignment For My Gurls

I have an assignment for all sissies. You are to study feminine ways from an old movie called “The Crying Game”. It was on Showtime last night and I had to watch. The T-girl in that movie has it down pat. I mean, she was so feminine with every move, even when she took off those girlie clothes to display her lovely cock. If you haven’t seen it then you simply must.

Tranny Spotting

Tons of trannies are so out now with fine winter coats and opaque black stockings. I’ve been transgender spotting at the mall. That is my fun shopping days with friends. We have a transgender spotting contest. Whoever wins gets a tube of lipstick from the MAC counter. I can spot sissies and trannies a mile away and I usually win. Last weekend I clocked 8 sissies while everyone else spotted a few less. I’m the princess after all.

No Cumming Assignment

Now to have your dick controlled with a no cum next week assignment. Starting on Saturday, all the way to next Saturday. I want all of my callers to go on orgasm denial, including sissies. I want a daily email of how frustrated you are, then on next Sunday I will blog the results. Something has to get me blogging after all. Often I worry about my fresh french manicures while typing. We can’t have chips now can we?

Princess Britany