Princess Britany

A Giantess Gas Cat

A novel Giantess call. Aren’t they mostly? I talked to a shrinker the other day, actually, I was a grower. He stayed the same. Do you remember way back when in your parent’s generation when they had “whoopie cushions”? I do believe they are vintage now or maybe you can find one in a joke shop. This tiny man had one. I was shocked to hear the sounds during the call. I told him he was rude, then he told me it was a cushion that farts. I inquired what does it have to do with our phone sex fantasy pray tell?

Princess Britany 1-800-356-6169

Boom!Britany Jetson

Tiny boy had a fantasy of me…the princess with impeccable manners, blowing him out of my ass….lol…wheeeeeeee!!! Me of course, loving kinky phone fantasies said oh yes, let’s play 🙂 I would direct the action. As I grew, so did the sound effects. Mind you, tiny boy was wearing sissy panties in pink, nipple clamps in red, and the cushion was yellow.  Whenever tiny boy sissy came to an edge watching princess grow, he was ordered to sit on the cushion imagining Princess blowing him out further and further, until he was on the next block. Finally he would be in the next city. The cusion had the ability to get louder and louder depending on tiny boy’s gravity.

Welcome To Giantess Island

Eventually as time moved on, the final edge was done and tease and denial was at home stretch. Tiny boy loves to visit Europe and his cumming edge ended him almost in Europe. He ended up on Giantess Island where he would be a captivity slave forever. Oh I loved this call!


Princess Britany