Feet Worthy of Worship

A Perfect Humiliation Caller

Now when doing a humiliation call, it’s so nice having a boy with a whole range of things to pick from. It makes a most interesting call. I actually have fashioned a story to tell this boy that ranges from cuckolding the husband, CFNM, small penis humiliation, ass and foot worship, verbal humiliation, mind fuck, sissy bitch cocksucker, loser with a limp dick, and a whole gamut of tease and denial.

A Lucky Cuckold or is He

Imagine being a loser working in a machine shop and you meet the princess of your dreams. The princess knows a good submissive when she sees one and decides to make you her slave. She insists you got to law school so you can work in a relative’s firm making you not only a slave for princess but for her mercenary relatives. Loser is then ordered to sign a very strict prenuptial containing the most humiliating cuckolding known to man. To be a sissy maid on weekend parties and a stripper party favor. Loser’s big reward is a cream pie and a she male dick for dessert.

Loser Calls for a Session

By coincidence ryry just called as I was writing this and I told him he was the subject of a humiliating post.  The poor slut lost it way too early so I will add premature ejaculation to the mix. What else 🙂


Princess Britany