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Puny Limp Dicks

Princess loves to humiliate small limp dicks that can only get hard on the phone. Little dicks that have porn on and he moans and grans wishing he had the stud cock. Instead he is made to suck, fluff, and get humiliated. Sometimes he walks in the cuckold world with head down and voice low and whispery all the while jerking that stiffie to a huge frenzy.

Sissy Humiliation

Of course I have mentioned sissy humiliation hundreds of times on here but one thing I know is that sissies can never get a fill of panty waist cum sucking and faggy boy finger pointing…loser loser loser! The best sissy humiliation calls though are live outings in a lingerie store buying for themselves.

CFNM Humiliation

Do you have a particular humiliation scenario that you absolutely love? Another favorite is CFNM humiliation. That is more of an exhibitionist scenario which I dont really consider humiliation. It’s more like a boy performing for girls going wild. It can step the boundaries though, where the boy turns into a humiliated dancer laughed at and used as furniture.

No No Humiliation Manipulation

Whatever humiliation you choose, do not go on this road with me ever…the other day a boy called me and passively aggressively tried to get my goat in saying “suck my dick” , “filthy little bitch”, and “eat my cum”, when I told him not to even go there. He was trying to get a rise so I would get angry and yell at him. No one can get me that upset. He is not allowed to call me anymore, and he tried. I’m sure you will agree, these types of triggers show complete disrespect for a Princess and a misogynistic mind set which is not submissive at all. I would love to know your thoughts on this.


Princess Britany