The Big Black Gift

Christmas came and went and The Golden Princess was given her top gift on the wish list.  A long black dick. Zane asked me what was on the top of the list and he provided it from a surfer friend who knew of the biggest 12 inch black dick. Not only was the long black dick long, but it was fat and juicy with lots of thick precum. Details? Yes, details are coming up on the girth, the structure of the big black dick.

The Long Black Dick For XMas : The Golden Princess 1-800-601-6975

I Demand A Big Dick, White Or Black

Upon my demand, my present arrived as a 6’4″ muscular black man with strong big hands, a shaved head, an ass to die for, and of course, the long black dick that was pretty visible under the black workout shorts. The shorts came down to the middle of the thigh and I could see the thickness and length of the hot black dick. It actually started growing and tenting the shorts as I crossed and uncrossed my long sexy legs. The time had come for pecker checking. I simply grabbed it and said, “I’m happy to meet you”. Most definitely he was my object and that humungous dick was greeted first.

The Long Black Dick For XMas : The Golden Princess 1-800-601-6975

The Long Black Dick For XMas : The Golden Princess 1-800-601-6975

Zane The Cuckold Servant

After the initial introduction, we sat down as Zane served us wine. Zane was naked with a little pink sheer apron. He held a serving tray with a towel over his arm. This was natural for him to do. He was once a waiter before he became slave to the golden princess. The slave is allowed to leave for his job in the entertainment field. I love the sheer apron because it shows his little 2″ dick, quite a contrast to the big fat black dick.

The Cuckold’s Tasks

The sheets on my queen-sized bed were clean and ready to be broken in but I had a rule that there would be no ass-fucking, in fact anal sex or blow jobs were off the menu. Fucking only, and me on top. So now you are asking, is Zane a cuckold? Absolutely he is. He is the jerk off bitch and the cumeater. I do not suck cock or swallow ever. I have fluff boy, Zane, clean up boy to do all of the cleaning and prepping.

The Persona Of The Cuckoldress

A true cuckold will agree to the responsibility of being a devoted servant. The true Mistress of a cuckold or “hot wife” would never be submissive to the bull or the cuck. She is always strong and dominant. In the fetish of cuckolding, there can be lots of variation. So was the dynamic here. The bull was here to fuck and fuck only. Whatever Zane was ordered to do was by me, The Golden Princess.The Long Black Dick For XMas : The Golden Princess 1-800-601-6975

The Bull’s Job

Will I see this bull again? Does he have a name you could ask. Yes I will see Martin again but just here and there. A bull sometimes likes to get involved more deeply. That is not an option. The bull is for amusement only. A golden goddess will be aloof and use passion for sex only, a Mistress does not involve herself in a relationship with a bull. If she does that then she may end up sucking cock…LOL.

The Long Black Dick For XMas : The Golden Princess 1-800-601-6975

Good Boy Peewee And Happy New Year

We are moving into the new year in a few days. Be sure to take advantage of our specials before they leave. Before the year ends I want to thank “peewee” for giving me the awesome name The Golden Princess. Peewees little dick surpasses him. For one so underendowed, he certainly has the wit and the intelligence to keep me engaged in great conversation. Hi sick and twisted sexual fantasies keep my imagination alive and well in the phone sex arena.

Happy New Year To All !


The Golden Princess Britany