I'll be sweet with you

I’ll be sweet with you

Double Your Pleasure

Princess Andi and I have decided that you need a tag team for major mind fuck. Andi is a sweet Princess that will give you sweet treats and understanding. Princess Britany is a bitch Princess that will give you sourball jawbreakers, and a boot in the ass.

A call with both of us will send your head spinning to the right and left. When Andi says, “Oh you’re such a good boy, sure you may cum.”  Britany says “Noooo Andi, he does not deserve to cum just yet. Let’s play with him some more.” Tease and denial is just one of the games.

Let’s say that I’m not around and Andi is. She can prime you up for sweetness and send you off dreaming on a pink cloud if you’re a sissy. I could stick a pin in that cloud, deflating it along with your ego when I come back on.

I'll be mean to you!

I’ll be mean to you!

Custom made calls from Princess Andi and Princess Britany

Princess Britany