Speaking with Dildo Language

The secret cock sucker is not secret any longer, because I am outing the slut on this blog. I’m glad he detailed the phone sex fantasy in an email first because most of the call was a big dildo spinning around in his mouth. Muffle muffle muffle…big black dick, muffle, cum eating, muffle muffle muffle!

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The Secret Cock Sucker Speaks Dick

That phone fantasy was about me outing him to two of his female friends as he wraps his mouth around a black penis of sizable length, like twelve big inches. So what is so special about this fantasy? Nothing unusual except the way it was conducted with sound effects. Some boys suck cock better than others. Some are voracious cock whore sissies , others just take it as it cums!


Being the secret cock sucker is all about having done it most of your life and no one knowing about it until three Princesses make it public. When he turns his gaze to see three cameras pointing toward his slutty little dick filled mouth. That is always a favorite, being outed by camera, pix going viral on the internet to slut boy pages and friends and family. That fantasy usually makes them blast, but not this time. He wanted to savor the smoothness of that bbc and enjoy the precum until the final moment of the roof blast and the dribbles down the side of the lip with a little smile of contentment.

A Boy Whore

Essentially, what this boy needs is to lose all responsibility for the choice and have Mistress order it up in front of two female friends, who have known him since school, and would never think of him as a full on faggot cock sucker. The big black dick is there just to get his dick sucked and after that, leave. Such a boy whore!

Princess Britany