Summertime Foot Fun

The fabulous picture and caption was donated to me by Alice Wonder. Her talent is pretty amazing and she is very generous with her time! Thank you Alice Wonder for this creative kinky work of art! It doesnt take much to figure out that foot fetish runs high on the list of kink! It’s summer and pretty feet are being pedicured, massaged, and exposed in sexy sandals. Every sissy under the sun will spend a great deal of time thinking of her feet exposed and toenails painted, adorned by ring toes. Every sissy imagines and sometime does, running around in sandals with painted toes, humiliated by the Princess contingent!

CFNM In Blue

Back again to CFNM, imagining a boy at one of my princess parties with a sheer blue apron and toenails painted blue, wearing a pair of open toed marabou 2″ bedroom slippers. A blue polka dot bow tie would be a perfect accent too. I will challenge you for a tease and denial or cum eating session on cam wearing exactly this. This will show me your devotion to my blog and to me. Get your girlie boi wardrobe in order and call me for a cam session. More and more are beginning to enjoy the taste of their own cum.

Countdown Sessions

The easiest cock control call I have ever done. A boy calls now and again asking for countdown. I simply count down from one hundred, laugh and add a few humiliation comments while boy strokes off. Eventually the count gets sparse, and he barely makes it to twenty. Boy cums and thanks me before hanging up. Sweet!


Princess Britany