OMG! Nothing but prim or slutty panty waists calling all week. Where are the cuckold small cocks? Are they out of season? Not that I don’t like sissy mincers, after all they are worthy of tons of laughs and amusements, are the object of humiliation, and are in dire need of extreme makeovers! So the mincers have been either long makeovers or short panty sploogers. Where do you fit in. Princess prefers something in between. A detailed conversation of makeover, tips, curtsy practice, dildo sucking, wig and girlie variations, mince some more, a bit of proper makeup application, and finally, rubbing the sissy clit on the outside of the panties. A proper sissy would never stroke like a real man. A real sissy is so bad with orgasm denial.

So, my weekend. I may be a spoiled brat, but my parents instill a work mentality. They are workaholics both. They love to spoil but often nag me about paying for my wardrobe, car maintenance, spa treatments, and other Princess essentials. I have not attended summer classes and have pretty much slacked with Jason. This month I will be super busy satisfying my parents and working for the tuition they provide. Let’s just say I am the paragon of a Princess daughter. Jason is graduating this year and will be going on to Hastings law school next year. I will still continue my education here. Right now I hope we stay together through it. He has the biggest cock ever…mmmmm, and knows how to use it.