Time For The Mean Doctor, The Mean Girls, And A Trip To The Mall

The sissy doctor decided that the pink pills were not working so well with sissy darla. It’s time for the super feminization formula, so Princess Britany ordered darla into her frou frou girlie wear immediately. After that the usual mall trip would be in order because sissy darla needs more panties, stockings, and pink shoes. Sissy darla complains that the good doctor is too mean and strict. Too bad! Over the knee, sissy. Princess decides everything.

The Sissy Doctor Ups The Dose: Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975

The Sissy Clit Seems to Be Shrinking

At the doctor’s office, sissy darla protests the new dose but the pills were a beautiful shade of purple, and they made her sissy tits so much more tender. The Femdom doctor tried a test of lifting her lab coat up to display her gorgeous long legs. This did absolutely nothing for the sissy clit even while it was vibrated. Doctor’s manicured finger went on the tip of that little clit and it was dry as toast. The clit seemed to be shrinking. The sissy doctor announced “success”!

The Sissy Doctor Ups The Dose: Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975

The Sissy Doctor Gives The Order

The sissy doctor orders darla to be diligent with her prescription daily. Princess Britany counts every little purple pill every day otherwise punishment awaits, mostly in the form of a spanking. Sissy darla agrees, both the sissy doctor and the princess need to ensure that strict discipline is part of being a sissy. For being such a good gurl, the mall awaits.

Spankings At The Mall

The mall is exciting to this sissy, but it is also scary. Usually what awaits her is a spanking for the hell of it. The spankings lately have been done with paddles that have studs. At least the paddles are pink and leather to ensure hard core discipline. The mall also houses Britany’s friends. Mean girls all dressed in top fashion who enjoy dressing the sissy after. The girlie boi is always reminded of how she is NOT a real girl and will always be a SISSY!

Sissy Humiliation

In Summary, how does the story end? You pretty much know a paddle is involved with intense humiliation resulting in tears and begging, because a good sissy will beg and plead to get her needs met. This often falls on deaf ears because mean girls love to torture and deny. Orgasm denial is always involved. Sissy does not get to have many cummies. Often she is just  locked up in a pink chastity cage with no release date decided. Poor little sissy on her pretty purple pills locked in her cage.

XOX Princess Britany