Happy Femdom February To Slaves And Dominants, Happy FLR To All

Happy Femdom February, and only a couple of days until March. The sissy stamp is the topic today and you’re wondering if it’s a tattoo, a brand, or a permanent marker scribble. Well none of that, it’s about custom panties brainstormed by a caller with such an imagination I thought I would blog about it. I love super fetish calls and this is one of them.

The Sissy Stamp On Your Panties Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975

Auntie Knows Best And Sissy Is Not A Student But A Servant Who Is Constantly Learning

I talked to this sissy today who had a fantasy about spending a summer with his strict aunt who smoked those long cigarettes. It’s a smoking fetish, after all, so the longer the cig the better. The real surprise is the sissy stamp and the mood is I am the princess who comes over to watch the sissy, humiliate the sissy, and lay down the rules. My job would be to make the new rules in chores especially. Lots of household chores as in Cinderella while Auntie is out shopping or with her boyfriend. Auntie also has a stepdaughter who will discuss the sissy and how she should be punished.

The Sissie’s Humble Room Hides Sissy Panties In A Drawer That Should Have A Lock On It

Sissy J has his own little room for the summer. Auntie had the window removed for the sake of protection and so the sissy J does not run away. Auntie is very much a Governess with paddles, straps, and other implements of pain and torture. She likes her long cigarettes especially to blow into the face of sissy J. Then she tells sissy J to open the top drawer to show Princess the sissy stamp panties.

The Sissy Stamp On Your Panties: Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975

The Panties Being Discovered, And The Drawer Is Wide Open For All Eyes To See

The order has been given, the sissy stamp panties come into view. They are more simple than you can imagine. A pair of white bikini panties in nylon with a large word SISSY on the back so when sissy j walks around or his dress is raised, it is viewed by anyone watching.

It’s Tea Time, Sissy, Now Bend Over And Show Those Panties

I imagine Auntie ordering sissy j to make some tea for her friends. Sissy J stops her chores and prepares tea. She bends over to serve and pour. Her panties are visible to all as her plaid schoolgirl skirt lifts and presents. Auntie smokes her long cigarette and chuckles. Auntie then declares that j is a sissy dumped here for the summer and is a servant to Auntie, Auntie’s mean stepdaughter, and Britany are special guests.

How To Strap A Sissy Correctly

One of Princess Britany’s lessons is how to properly strap a sissy. This is done with a dominant black leather belt. It is done with sissy j lying on the bed with pantied ass facing the Dominant and of course the huge word SISSY is covering the back of the panty. I am a fan of 6 of the best but in this case, sissy gets 10 of the best simply because not only sissy likes it but sissy is a hard learner. Ten of the best will always make a better improvement. After the stap comes the hard paddle Governess style. This is because sissy spilled a drop of tea on another Mistress. The price must be paid, and at that very time of the strapping and paddling, Auntie lights one of her long cigarettes and blows a cloud into sissies face. This will be common practice until the end of the summer, hopefully, all lessons will be learned by the resident sissy j


Princess Britany