The Six Foot Tall Golden Princess

I am almost six foot, actually five foot eleven inches tall in bare feet. For the sake of shortening the blog title, so WordPress doesn’t throw a hissy fit, I am six foot. Now you may refer to me as the six foot tall golden princess. Great responsibility comes with being very tall. As you tower above your besties, you project confidence and plenty of attention. My best bestie is Maya and she is five foot ten inches tall. What she does to come to the height is to wear heels a few inches taller. It works because no one really looks at her shoes when her big tits are in your face. It’s pretty obvious I’m not fibbing on this, the pictures of me scream long legs.

The Six Foot Tall Golden Princess: Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975

Legs That Go All The Way Up To My Perfect Bubble Butt

Leg worship is in store for you when you call me or be my pet. Speaking of pets, peewee asked me if Zane is still around because I haven’t mentioned him for a while. He sure is but often out of town for work. As you remember, he is a super geek on the technical end of the film industry. His work brings him to Az and N.M. for filming mostly westerns. He did quite a bit of work on the Netflix series “Godless”. I have gone with him a few times but I really don’t care for the desert. Be it dry heat, my feet still sweat in hiking boots and demand to be massaged and licked.

Zane’s Amazing Massage Skills

Zane was ordered by me to advance his massage skills with reflexology. He has actually invented a smart way to hit the pressure points by using the tip of his tongue. The tip of the tongue can be pretty hard and efficient for massage. His little dick is not allowed to ever touch my feet. It’s not that I am opposed to having a dick enter the area, big dicks yes. He is never allowed sex with me either, just aggressive facesitting because it can be so humiliating and uncomfortable. For instance, I can practice a nice headlock in facesitting mode.

The Six Foot Tall Golden Princess: Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975

A Fab Foot Massage Party

This coming week he is in town all week. This is a great time to invite my friends over for foot massages with humiliation. The humiliation will be his reward of princess trampling, and barefoot. I will demonstrate how to do it safely trample on a geek’s back. This is actually a reward. If done correctly, it can be as good as a massage.

Princess Britany