I am a Size Queen

You must have figure out by now that I am a size queen. Small penis humiliation really is the bulk of my calls. They don’t last as long as my other phone fantasy calls for obvious reasons. It is because there less area to cover. A fat long cock is more fun to play with. It produces more precum and it exercises the hand more . There is confidence with a big fat cock, a little cock is a sissy cock. Every sissy i talk to confesses that her cock is a loser cock, so she may as well be a girl. It’s an intelligent way to look at it, making the best of a shitty situation.

The Size Queen Britany Speaks: Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975Little Sissy with a Little Cock

Just because I’m a size queen and you are a little sissy with a tiny cock doesn’t mean I won’t hang out with you. It’s like having a girlfriend, a good shopping companion. Sissies have a dual purpose in this way. They buy you clothes and makeup, your lunch at Olive Garden, and blush at the sissy humiliation provided by me! What Princess doesn’t like a sissy to tag along.

Trannies with Big Dicks

Not all small cocks are sissies. I have been fooled by real men who seem to be a size queen delight. Plenty of six foot males have little button mushrooms between their legs and little grapes for balls. I wonder what caused the anomaly. Eventually they may end up to be sissies but not trannies. Trannies have the larger cocks and love to fuck a lady with it, but not all cases. Small cocks seem to be epidemic.The Size Queen Britany Speaks: Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975

Cleanup Cuckold

Lucky for me to have a sizable dick in my life right now. In the background is little dick zane, my sissy cuckold. He loves to see me happy with Mr. Sizable while he is busy repairing my computer and cleaning up the hard drive. Sometimes he is lucky cleaning up the cream pie. That is his favorite cleanup duty. Good sissy!

Princess Britany