Princess Britany


As you know I hold small cocks in great contempt. I gaze upon them with disdain. They hold no interest for me except for small penis humiliation. When I hear a small cock on the other end of the line, I go to work quickly, and often it leads to a very effective short session. As I jump to the fact the penis is inadequate, my size queen attitude shines through. Be it very genuine, it causes a stir and the little loser dick squirts very quickly.

The Smaller The Cock The Quicker The Cum

I have noticed the smaller the cock the quicker the cumming. This may be because of several reasons. The area is less to cover, the average lube application is a handful and shrimpy over estimates, and perhaps gets optimistic. He begins to think his little cock is normal size. He has to be brought back down to earth. Since the lube is more than the area, he cums too quick. The penalty is he must eat his cum in my world. It’s no problem because there is barely enough to fill a teaspoon.

He Never Gets Pussy

Another reason is the little man never gets laid. Once the word gets out that his penis is deficient, no one will have anything to do with it, especially a princess who is spoiled by big cocks. So, when you take a small cock that never gets laid, you have the quick cumming shrimpie.

Just Looking At It Makes Him Cum!

A perfect example is a time when I dated this really hot guy. After dangling the carrot for many dates, finally I decided it’s time for some fun. He began to undress as I pose on the bed in black lacy panties. When his pants cam down my jaw dropped and without even touching it, he came!! Such a disappointment!!!!

How little is your dick? Send a comment to this blog. I want to know!


Princess Britany