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The Tulip Fairy of Mayberry

The tulip fairy is a sissy I just talked to from North Carolina.  Her name is also Andy but hates to be called that, so she refers to herself as the pink tulip fairy . Her yard sprouts pink tulips in the spring. She has a way with bulbs. Plants seem to love sissies because plants like harmless people and she walks lightly in her garden in pink Keds. Tulip wears only Keds when out of high heels, and they must be pastel ,especially pink. When she tools around in her garden she wears pink khakis and various blouses. A women’s garden hat always, and her hair is shoulder length blond, straight out of the bottle. No, she does not live in Mayberry, really. I took it from the Andy Griffith show which tulip likes.

The Tulip Fairy Of Mayberry: Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975

Tulip has a sweet southern girl accent, and makes frequent runs up to Charlotte to suck cock and eat cum. Her closet is full of floral dresses below the knee and she considers herself a prim proper southern belle. “All southern belles sound sweet as a dove but underneath it all, they can be vixens and cock teases”. That’s what tulip is, a cock teaser and then a pleaser. She likes to seduce slowly leading up to a wild fuckfest with a big black cock, her favorite. She told me about her surprise big 12 incher she had last week that nearly split her sissy ass open. The cock was a challenge to get down her throat, but her determination won over. She was so happy she pursued the ad, because she will be seeing him next week for more.

The Tulip Fairy Of Mayberry: Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975 Sissies who are cautious should be in machoville. She said things have gotten better. She has gone out fully enfemme to encounter stares. She says it’s because of the Keds. Oh come-on…Keds? Seriously? She is spotted going into an adult bookstore with a floral dress, straw hat with flowers, full makeup and Keds! There had better be panties under that dress, I scold. “Yes Mistress, pink ones of course! Brave sissy!


Princess Britany

4 comments to The Tulip Fairy of Mayberry

  • violet

    Awesome post Ms Britany, as always !! sounds like Tulip is one lucky Sissy, !! Im so jealous !! love the picture of You looking so sexy, sitting with those awesome legs crossed Thanks again !! xoxos

  • Britany

    tulip is so much fun as you would be I’m sure!

  • I can’t help but smile when I read something like this. I will now have visions of the tulip fairy prancing about her garden with wild abandon as I go about my day. She sounds like she could be a sissy celebrity with her own show. I bet she has tons of tips that would help other sissies be their best selves. I’m sure that many dream of living a life as open and free as the tulip fairy.

  • Britany

    She is quite eccentric. I imagine her in her garden with a large straw sunhat and sundress. She did say she prances Ms Alexis 🙂

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