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JB’s A Switch!

As always I have the best time playing with J-boy keeping him on a submissive track, with me anyways. Today I found out that he tops his girlfriend which gave me the idea of a let’s cuckold Zane fantasy. Since we mostly do stroking calls only with cum eating at the end, what a fresh change this was!

The Sobbing Zane

J-boy articulated that he was jealous of Zane being naked at my feet. I decided to take advantage of that fact, and to make J-boy into my bull giving him a top position in the scenario. You can imagine how much he loved that idea to be able to actually have hot sex with me in a fantasy while Zane watched and sobbed.

HaHaHa...poor little cuckold!

HaHaHa…poor little cuckold!

Ordered To Marry Me

I imagined Zane as a wealthy software developer finally. I ask him to marry me and take care of all things and to keep me in endless trinkets and jewelry…oh, and shoes, yes! He knows that his little cock will never be taken care of. He knows that his little cock will always be mostly in a chastity cage. He knows that his role in my world is to be my submissive slave who is obedient to my ever whim.

JB The Bull

Enter J-boy, tall, handsome, muscular and a bull with a cock like Devon’s. Can you imagine J-boy being jealous of a little nerd shorter than both of us? Poor little Zane, on his knees, finally allowed to stroke and cum after months of denial, while watching his Princess with stud bull J-boy.

Princess Britany