Thirty Day Chastity Challenge

Are you up for a goal to lose weight, to learn more control with orgasms? Maybe you just want to serve an awesome Princess. How about a thirty day chastity challenge. If you can go longer, much better for my training you ! This is because you more than likely lack discipline and need my guidance. How do we do it? Read on boy.

 Thirty Day Chastity Challenge:Princess Britany : 1-800-601-6975

Too Many Burgers?

Let us imagine the weight problem. The digital scale would be needed for obvious reasons, because you won’t be able to cheat. A smart phone with time stamp. Picture every three days with chastity cage on. Locked and key in a lock box. I have the combination, observed and locked on Skype. Peen boys need extra small cages, big dicks a nice shiny Mature Metal selection.

Cock Control

Maybe your cock needs control in a bad way. You have no control with orgasms. You just blast and never last…hahaha, clever me. No control means an unhappy girlfriend or wife. It also means an unhappy Mistress who is demanding and in control of your cock.

Developing Skills

A thirty day chastity challenge will bring you up to par. You will have serious skills to work with then, and that unruly cock will be more obedient. I don’t want to discuss chastity without a cage. This can only work if your mindset is disciplined and self enforced.

A Nagging Princess

What if you fail in three days? I say you won’t  because I will keep on you like a nagging princess dominatrix of humiliation. What do you mean you cannot do it? I simply make you do it! Now it is my cock, and you have lost control of it. Are you ready? Call me for a session and commit to thirty days. Get your tools of chastity!

Sheltering With A Small Cock

How was your fourth of July. The problem with this social distancing is pretty obvious if you are single. I social distance with Zane. We have both been tested and both are negative. He works from home as I do. Zane is a slave and takes care of all my computer needs, cooks well, keeps the house immaculate, and gives awesome foot massages. Oh big problem is a little problem. He has a little dick. His tiny dick is even smaller than the little leprechaun peen. Amazingly a little pink cage does him well, so I take it out on him because a big dick is unattainable right now. Zane is in his pink cage until this virus is dead and gone. That may be awhile…LOL

XOX Princess Britany