Tied Up Then Imprisoned

More like tied up and untied, thrown in an extra large dog crate and then mind fucked for the entire night.  Story is my pops took a mini horse to a sanctuary and left the crate in the back yard temporarily. I had Zane tied up to the bed posts when I saw pops ditch the cage in the back yard. After he took off in the truck I decided to make use of that big heavy cage. I dragged it into the bungalow and showed Zane his new home. I cleaned the cage out of course, put some straw in the bottom, and filled the water bowl with water and the food bowl full of kibble. So there was a sissy dressed in a tutu and ballet regalia tied with pink rope. She was on her side blindfolded and whining, poor little humiliated sissy!

Tied Up And Abandoned: What A Mindfuck: Princess Britany 1-800-356-6169

Captivity Hell…Yeah!

Not like the first time she was in the role of captivity slave. Not the first time she had a little pink chastity device under her leotard either. The first time she will be abandoned though, with a black tarp thrown over the cage and the sound of the door closing and double locked. Her little captivity prison locked with a padlock and the padlock cutters just across the room, taunting her, on the table.

The Sound of Fucking

I did not gag her this time because she knew better than to scream. She figured out I would not be back that night, and she knew I would be with someone with a big dick. Later on the door opened and I was giggling and with a big dick. Zane only heard what was going on. The sound of us fucking, moaning, and cumming. Zane the cuckold had to endure the agony of my multiple orgasms, the sound of the big bull grunting and cumming. He couldn’t even jerk off, poor sissy! On top of that, I showered and got dressed again and dick and I left for the evening. Poor Zane. Mind fucked again…oh well.

Princess Britany