Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975

First and foremost , I am slowly adding to the audio page. There are 2 there so far. Adding them at “Princess speed”, which is slow and deliberate. Just deal, k?

I had a sperm donor today! He read my last post and wanted to be jerked off by a kinky sperm milking nurse. I did everything from the post except ass thermometer. Princess had to get the best fertile load out of that cock so she teased and denied him for a good length of time. Finally there was a condom full of cum ready for the lab!

I received an early call from none other than tommy python. You remember that dick gobbler? He was traveling down the highway on a biz trip and was stopping on the way to a truck stop adult book store, yep…truckers and cocksuckers…welcum!. Anyhow, he has not called back so I think he may have not hooked up. If a hookup happened, I was to hear some slobbering cock slurping ( I remember this guy we humiliated in high school called “bob slobber” who would drool when school was back in. He was so drooly and slobbery that we nicknamed him that).

That panty sniffing loser jimmy boi called today. I did not give him much attention since the bitch was boring and ungenerous today. Now if anyone needs sissification, it’s jimmy because anyone with that much interest in panties should be made to wear them!!

Well maybe I should get to work on a medical fetish audio. I have some ideas like hospital restraints, catheters, sounds, thermometers, and earned sponge baths.