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Call Your Princess 1-800-601-6975


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The Princess Alliance

I definitely will not say “double your pleasure, double your fun”, but it’s true. Ms Andi and I have been chatting all week about this, and we want to give you two Princess pleasure on Wednesday the 26th. Ms Andi and I always have a great time with good cop bad cop humiliation calls, and erotic two Mistress calls as well. We look forward to playing with you!

Princess Andi

Princess Andi

Sissie’s Dress Shopping

I’m looking forward to talking to sissy paulla on a dress shopping trip eventually. I want to take her to a store like Forever 21 because there are young Princesses working there. They would find it amusing to help her with her outing endeavor. I’m sure she would love to see all of the humiliation snickers as she brings her sexy sissy slut dress into the dressing room. Of course she would choose a dress a few sizes too small so the Princess would have to fetch her size. All the while she tells her friends near the register who of course laugh loud enough so sissy paulla can hear. The possibilities are endless, and having talked to target boi, I have a whole new perspective on sissy shopping outings!

Tease And Denial For Zane

Guess what Zane is doing right now. Mucking in the stable. I won’t have time to take Lily out for a ride today, so Zane will have to tack her up and give her a workout. Not that Zane will deserve a reward later because this is no chore but a pleasure. Lily will be happy, so I don’t see why Zane’s little dick cannot be teased and denied later on. Ah yes, he is in that cage again. Now going on two weeks!


Princess Britany