Princess Britany 1-800-356-6169

Princess Britany 1-800-356-6169

Two Princess Cock Tease

Yesterday I had the pleasure of cock teasing J-boy with Princess Lilly. J-boy entertained us by doing 60 pushups, 60 situps, and 60 pullups while wearing his insertable butt plug. After each exercise, the butt plug was inflated one pump. For a reward, J-boy chose pictures from our selections, and teased and denied his cock. In the end, he was allowed to eat his cum with gratitude. J-boy is the perfect gentleman, always thanking us at the end. Such a wonderful boy!

Halloween Hottie

Happy Halloween! Tonight I am dressing up and going to a big party in the valley. I’m going as a mermaid with a long green spandex mermaid dress. Happily it is spandex so I can walk. This dress is so tight and sexy, it shows my round tight ass perfectly. I’ll bet this costume will provide a lot of entertainment for horny boys like you. Maybe my next post will provide even more entertainment for you!

Halloween Stroking Assignment

In the meantime I want you to stroke your cock for me tonight, thinking of being on your knees before me as I count the strokes, denying you orgasm. I want you to do a stroking assignment tonight. I want you to view my photos one at a time and stroke to an edge without cumming. All of them! In the end, I want you to cum in a champagne glass and toast to me as your princess stroke mistress. Of course I expect to hear about it here in comments.

J-Boy Stokes Again

Ohhhhhhh speak of the wonderful boy! J-boy just called for another hot stoke session with cum eating, just for me only. Have a great time tonight J-boy. I’ll be thinking of you!


Princess Britany