Zane The Pussy Boi

It’s been awhile since I chimed in about Zane and our antics. He does everything for me now including driving, dishes, pedicures, strong massages, and CFNM. Yes I got him to finally get used to the idea that he must entertain princess and her friends.

Bondage Exploration

Lately we have been exploring bondage while he is crossdressed, especially with pantyhose. Last night I had him dressed entirely in white. White pantyhose, white satin teddy, white 6″ pumps, white satin panties, and a white satin bra.

The Hog Tie

Imagine how cute he looked tied up in a hog tie on the bed, and gagged with a pink ball gag. I did have help from my friend Maya and Jenifer. It was so funny. We had a Knotty Boys book on rope bondage, and we fumbled here and there but eventually got some good knots going. Did he get a reward? Why yes for being a good sissy chastity geek, chaste and subservient for a month, Zane got to cum and eat it!

Carlesbad…So Awesome

I had a great time in Carlesbad, J-boy. We didn’t make it down to San Diego though. I was busy looking for some places to live. When I mentioned The Coronodo, everyone freaked out because it’s so expensive. We decided to hang in Carlesbad for margaritas later. I found several awesome places to rent, not buy. Way overpriced! I would require a beach house and I don’t think a million dollars or so is in my bank! XOX J-boy 🙂



Princess Britany