Get your suction cup dildo out

Doing phone sessions with Princess Ashley is always a blast. Last week we had “vanessa” fucking her pussy hole with a big ole pink dildo with a suction cup at the end. She has a big black dildo but is not allowed to use it unless given permission from her 2 Mistresses. Ms Ashley had vanessa suction cup the wall for “wall duty” as she calls it. This made for a total humiliation call with a sissy dressed in pink lingerie.

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Ignore phone sessions

Ignore calls are one of my favorites too, right sissy danielle? Half of the 30 min was spent in my kitchen making lunch and ignoring this sissy loser who had a pacifier in her mouth because I didnt want to hear what she had to say. Eventually I got her to stroke her little loser dick so she could have a cum snack for lunch. I also texted my best girlfriend Jennifer so we could laugh about it. It’s about that time for sissy danielle to eat another load for the Princess.


Princess Britany