Girlie Bois Mince By and We Said “Oh My”

Christmas shopping this evening was a complete delight as we watched the girlie bois mince by. They were out in full force, and one seemed to recognize me from a time once before when I was with a team of meanies. Sissies have a sixth sense in spotting humiliation Princesses. We have a certain bitch look that sets us apart from the rest. It’s the sneering I believe, they see us glancing sideways and snickering, holding our hand to our mouths and looking back. So we did sissy spot one who was way overdone in the makeup department, another with a dress way too short. Another had a horrendous blonde synthetic wig that was obviously cheap and tacky. I couldn’t help it…I cracked up and pointed at it and sissy blushed…hahahaha!

Watching Girlie Bois Mince By: Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975

Food Court Humiliation

My friends and I made our way over to the food court, and soon the girlie bois minced over our way. The wigged one stopped in his tracks and freaked out. “The meanie who pointed at my wig is right over there,” he said to his other girlfriend. I smiled as they sat two tables over. Maya did the dick in mouth gesture quickly, I did the small penis thumb to index gesture, and we cracked up. Skye got up and did the sissy mince to the water fountain. Sissies received humiliation big time. On the way back Skye said to miss wiggy, “Suck real man dick much?” Maya and I fell to pieces in laughter as the girlie bois minced out, single file. A few real men whistled at them and looked back at us and winked. Such an awesome shopping night!


Princess Britany