Sissies Must Shop

Recently I posted in Sissyville “Sissy Shopping on a Mistress Call”. Read the post HERE . I had lots of fun writing it and recording the intro. This post is about a couple of over the top sissy bois and the calls I had with them, especially the Target boi. Weekend shopping with sissy adds more detail to the post on Sissyville.

Weekend Shopping With Sissy : Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975

Clothes Make the Gurl

I’m sure you agree, shopping is super important to a sissy, because clothes make the gurl. I talk to a few sissies who are completely in the head with no dressing. Usually they have seen outfits online that they narrate to me. Sometimes they admit it to me in confession and it’s ok. Most gurls do not have the privacy or courage to come fully out because they are married, or other reasons.

Shopping with Sissy by Phone or in the Mall

The actual shopping with sissy is an exciting experience. Training a sissy on the phone and live training are like day and night. What I do is take my experiences and infuse my call with it, because it is totally real. I have done it. More fun is taking a sissy slut to a glory hole. You could say she is shopping for dicks. The humiliation factor runs very high on this one. Sucking cock for Mistress is what a sissy ultimately fantasizes about. Holding her ears while a dick grinds and cums in her mouth is the fantasy she sometimes craves most.

Choosing the Method

Shopping with sissy even as a fantasy with no actual shopping above all brings her into the fantasy she has fashioned over time. Even though it lacks the spontaneity of Mistresses surprises, it can be much more powerful. Either way, all of it works with a creative imagination from memory or from Mistresses naughty plan.


Princess Britany