White Panty Humiliation

Not just any humiliation, but it must be white pure panties. Panties that speak out and say the panty wearing sissy is sweet and virginal. I doubt it. Imagine yourself dear sissy in a pair of white silky panties with your little stiffie making precum defining a bad sissy wet circle on those panties? That is so totally disgusting enough to be deserving of a huge spanking. At least in a darker color you can somewhat hide it? Not from Princess!

I’m still busy with Jason of the big dick camp. We were laughing about boys, especially cuckolds with small cocks. It seems the cuckold males love to call me and confess their small cockdom. Since it’s white panty humiliation week, I insist that cucks and sissies get their white panties out before a call with me. The cucks can go in their cheating wives drawers and don some of those panties. Sissies do what is natural of course!

Missed me? Well it is the summer. Told you that didn’t I?