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Cum Fantasy Desserts

My sissies tell me I have been neglecting them in favor of cum eater boys. Well it may be true but sissies can eat their cummies too. To get a sissy to eat cummies is not hard as long as you lace it with whipped cream and strawberries in a pink party cup. Gurls like sissy pom poms may prefer a banana split, sucking on the banana with eyes closed wishing it were a cock. A hot cum sundae is splendid. Before heating up the chocolate sauce, sissy cums in it and then savors it with her ice cream.

Cum Fantasy Cock Tail Bar

Sissies love party drinks with plastic umbrellas. Cum laced Mai Tais, Pina Cumladas, and of course a Pink Lady made with cum instead of cream. This after all keeps sissy slender. I imagine a “Cum Bar” where fresh cum is produced by studs for the sissies sitting at the bar waiting for fresh produce. The back room would be used as a production tank with pretty pink glory holes for frilly sissies catching studly cum in condoms. Just a thought. teehee 🙂


Princess Britany