Ashamed of Your Little Dick

Little dick? Often I walk by a boy shrugging in a humiliated manner. He has the demeanor of a “I haven’t been laid ever. I am a virgin because of my tiny little dick.” Poor boy. If you are a sissy, you revel in that. Mostly you are a short-bus who needs to be empowered with loving small penis humiliation.

Your Little Dick Likes Humiliation: Princess Britany 1-800- 601-6975

Learn to Love SPH

How to love your little dick? I can give some suggestions being a Princess who monitors little hard ons and blushing boys.You can begin by finding all you can about small cock humiliation on forums with males who have the same problem. Hopefully you gain insight into the attention you will receive and how the little cock learns to like the attention finally feeling superior with having such a mini appendage.

Your Little Dick Likes Humiliation: Princess Britany 1-800- 601-6975


Join a Little Dick Forum

While in this forum, be sure to post a picture if allowed in the gallery. If you are a sissy, a little pink ribbon wrapped around your cock. If you a semi real man, a tape measure indicating size, a thimble if really, really small. Can you squat down with pink high heels taking that picture? Get creative. If you have a Mistress, write “Property Of…” on a blank sheet of paper and hold it near dickey. Snap!

What’s a Little Dick Man to Do

Now that you get the idea, and understand, there is nothing you can do about it. Penis implants do not work, penis extensions fall off because your small cock is even smaller than the norm, so it’s time to face reality. Even in the gay world you will be laughed at. You belong in the domination scene to be fully appreciated, with a little SPH!


Princess Britany