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Cum For Dessert?

My sissy slave boy Zane and I spent a few days in San Francisco recently. Zane was attending a geek workshop in the city, and I did some shopping around Union Square with Zanes credit card. We had some amazing food and as we were strolling on Nob Hill, I spotted this fag cinema and decided we needed to go in. I had to drag Zane in because he knew what was cumming.

Faggy Town

It was quite posh in that Interview With a Vampire setting and the alluding to obvious faggotry vibe. Zane was more than welcome in this environment, but I was a girl, and not exactly what these boys preferred. I did see some coerced cock sucking in Zane’s future, and while I was touring the place, I noticed a private hallway in the back with fag boys cumming and going. I decided to tour a room and was stopped by the splooge boy. He had to clean the room first.

Enter The Glory Hole

Zane wanted to leave but I insisted. We went into the room, and there was a screen for movie viewing, and to the right of that was a glory hole. Since there was a hungry mouth on the other side, I insisted that Zane, for a change, get a glory hole blowjob and cum in the boy’s mouth. Oh of course he did what I ordered.

Get To Work, Cock Sucker!

After Zane’s snack and complete humiliation, I decided he needed to get more humiliated. I told him we can leave but he had one more task. To get on the receiver end and give a blowjob before going back to the hotel. I told him I would be right there with him holding his ears for a straight shot.

when we left, I swear I saw some snickers. No doubt about the size of Zane’s little tiny cock. That was one of the best times I ever had! Yay San Francisco!

Princess Britany