A Head Only Cage

So far zane the brain has done 50 days in a crucible chastity cage Eight months ago he got a PA piercing upon my order, and had to wait for it to heal. The Crucible is made by Steelwerks and it is a head only cage. The cage is perfect for a little dick like zane’s. Why did he get a PA? Because I said so, and because the little geek cheated and came without permission. But truth be told, he has always wanted one, so there it is. Check out that cage. No more ball constrictions and chafing. It’s amazing. I’m looking to 100 days easily for him now. This cage is a no cheating cage. Complete no stroke zone, complete orgasm denial.

Zane The Slave

So you may remember, zane and I do not have sex. He is a slave Β in other ways. I have L.A. boyfriends which means nothing serious mostly. The guys here tend to be narcissistic, almost as bad as me…lolol. If zane were not a nerd, had a big dick, were tall, then he would be in demand. He is cute, humble, and hugely intelligent. That’s zane.

Serious Chastity Training

The next 50 days will be chastity training. Since the piercing is new, I will be taking the cage off regularly, but there will be no tease and denial, stroking is nil. He was a bad boy. The Femdom does not forget, and the boy is punished in bondage, taken to a few BDSM clubs, and that will be his fun.

I, Femdom

I remember when I first started this job as a mostly experimental experience for my degree. Now I have grown into a complete Femdom loving every minute, and continuing it way beyond what I expected!


Princess Britany