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Medical Fetish Sissy Nurse

Dr. Britany’s Medical Fetish Assistant

Medical fetish fantasies enjoy the stage tonight as the tables turn in a kinky unexpected way. Doctor Britany has a new assistant. Nurse zane, except she’s not a real nurse, she is a sissy candy striper. She has duties on the urology floor, collecting specimens of semen from patients . . . → Read More: Medical Fetish Sissy Nurse

Nurse Britany And Her Feminizing Clinic

Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975

The Feminizing Clinic

A nurse phone fantasy that I am dying to do is working in a feminizing clinic. None such exists. but imagine the possibilities. A male body, sissy or not, is very different from a female with tits, of course. A sissy yearns to have the curves and . . . → Read More: Nurse Britany And Her Feminizing Clinic

Sperm Clinic Nursie

Smooth as silk

Princess Amusement

Oh goodness! It’s been so long since I have posted. Such a bad girl I am 🙂 I have been busy with mostly fun things and equestrian things. The fun things require a certain small penised one who wears sissy panties. Zane is a brain, and humiliation is . . . → Read More: Sperm Clinic Nursie

Medical Office Fantasies

Princess Britany 800-601-6975

Sperm Donors Apply Here

Dentist? Doctor? Nurse? Therapist? Sperm donor is the latest rage with an old fashioned nurse uniform and rubber gloves. Suddenly the white uniforms disappeared replaced by teddy bear tops and frumpy pj bottoms. Just watch Nurse Jackie and see what Zoe wears. Gone is the sexy . . . → Read More: Medical Office Fantasies

Truckers and Cocksuckers at the Glory Hole Truck Stop

Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975

First and foremost , I am slowly adding to the audio page. There are 2 there so far. Adding them at “Princess speed”, which is slow and deliberate. Just deal, k?

I had a sperm donor today! He read my last post and wanted to be jerked off by a . . . → Read More: Truckers and Cocksuckers at the Glory Hole Truck Stop