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Body Worship: The Butt Cheek Sandwich

The Butt Sandwich, Body Worshipping Heaven

Body worshipping is so much fun for you. This is why you are compelled to read on. Now a sandwich of my two cheeks and my tasty butt hole makes for a nice ass crack sandwich. This post is inspired by latest comments to me on the hot . . . → Read More: Body Worship: The Butt Cheek Sandwich

Shoe fetish, leg fetish, worship your Princess!

I was just telling the tease toy that I prefer manageable heels of 5 to 6″. Shoe fetish requires only top shelf, no made in China crap. I like Betsy Johnson but have no newer ones, and for all I know she may be having them made in China. For leisure at home wear, . . . → Read More: Shoe fetish, leg fetish, worship your Princess!

Goddesses of Humiliation

Goddesses, Princesses and Mistresses all have that humiliation brand in common. There are all kinds, of course! I don’t have to go through the list, or do I? You like hearing it. It most likely makes your cock hard at any size. When you hear the word Goddess, you may immediately think of hot . . . → Read More: Goddesses of Humiliation

Leg Fetish Jack Off Boy Begs

Leg Fetish: It’s Not All That’s Going On

A boy who strokes for me has a major leg fetish. He has not cum in six weeks and begs on his knees while he looks at a slideshow of my gorgeous long legs. He begins to sob, and I begin to giggle in a bratty . . . → Read More: Leg Fetish Jack Off Boy Begs

Foot Fetish Friday

Foot Fetish Friday will be mentioned any Friday I post here. I planned on doing that in the beginning, then I had so much to blog about I put it on the wayside. I’m wondering how popular of a subject would it be. Since I have perfect feet, I say why not?

SWEET . . . → Read More: Foot Fetish Friday