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Not All Squirmers Are Sissies


In reading my comments I have peter tease toy “squirmified”. now this is pretty new in kink vocabulary and I like it. Cockteasing is my thing, and I’m good at it. I just had a caller from my blog post “A Cuckold’s Just Desserts” just dying to be a cuckold cream pie . . . → Read More: Not All Squirmers Are Sissies

A Cuckold’s Just Deserts

Cream Pies

You certainly must know what I mean by just deserts. A cream pie, what else? The stronger the pie, the better the guy. The stronger tasting his cum is, will be even more humiliating for a cuckold husband with a craving for strong degradation. I don’t know of anything more degrading . . . → Read More: A Cuckold’s Just Deserts

Princess Britany’s Long Legs

Worship My Legs

Oh I had the sexiest phone sex call today from a hot Aussie boy, one inch shorter than me, who needed interrogation about his kinky phone sex fantasies. It turns out he was way into tease and please with the happy ending of eating his own cum off of my . . . → Read More: Princess Britany’s Long Legs

Disrobing For A Cuckolding Bull

Get To Work, Sissy Cuckold

I do imagine being a cuckolding princess with a bull worthy of my attention. I think of you patiently awaiting his arrival in your sissy maid uniform, doing your sissy duties. All of his and my favorite snacks and drinks ready and waiting the the three way party. . . . → Read More: Disrobing For A Cuckolding Bull

Get Free 10 Minutes Next Wednesday

I will be on to take your calls, and you had better be nice to me…hahaha. Of course you always are. I rarely get a boy being nasty to me. A princess like myself deserves the utmost respect, always! So what you get, free ten minutes. Of course you can do more. Say . . . → Read More: Get Free 10 Minutes Next Wednesday