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Cream Pies

You certainly must know what I mean by just deserts. A cream pie, what else? The stronger the pie, the better the guy. The stronger tasting his cum is, will be even more humiliating for a cuckold husband with a craving for strong degradation. I don’t know of anything more degrading than being a servant to wifey with a bull holding the reigns.

Cuckie Can Wish

What a cuckold wishes for is wifey just inviting the bull over for keen observance, not expecting much interaction with the bull. Perhaps cuckie gets to hold that big dick of whatever color to insert into his beautiful wife’s pussy. Maybe just a little fluffing may be expected but not full on participation.

Bulls Taking Over

I have talked to some cuckies who have experienced a bull totally taking over the household. From moving in kicking cuckie out of the master bedroom without paying any of the household expenses all the way down to cuckie providing clothes, food, and entertainment for the couple while he stays home being a servant.

Careful Now…..

In the event that cuckie becomes a cum eater, cuckie may be humiliated even more by being made into a panty boy, maybe even a full on sissy maid. The life of a cuckold is a lifestyle meant to be pondered about before you jump into the fire.


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