Ass and Leg Body Worship

More and more ass and leg body worship inquiries come in about how it would be to worship my ass and legs in reality. It would be awesome! That’s how it would be. Imagine a sissy on a leash shopping with me, crawling behind with his nose up my ass. LOL, seriously, we know that is unrealistic. She would tear her pantyhose after all. It would have to be done in private so the lookie loos wouldn’t have a snowballs chance in hell to see my gorgeous ass cheeks and legs.

Ass And Leg Body Worship: Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975

Do You Deserve It

In this photo, I would demand to have that ass licked by way of the legs. Ass and leg body worship is a special treat a boy gets when his Princess is in the mood for it. The thought of a slave’s saliva coating the body parts of a Goddess must be perfectly planned with a bathtub full of bubbles. Slave is a complete slave in service to Mistress, and his tongue must be educated. He must be in a chastity cage because of the will of Princess.

Pamper Me

Ass and leg body worship is a treat for a Femdom. This is pure pampering from our perspective. He builds his trust from serving. Trained and maintained is what he will be. He must never make a mistake, ever. The vision of a sissy on his knees at that mall is pure Sardaxian fantasy. The real deal is in the home and of service.

Fingers Over Tongue

Body worship in essence is only slavery when talented massage is applied. Soft tingly fingers grazing a Princess ass is too, applying fragrant powder and light touching. A tongue is for the pleasure of the worshiper, which in this case, is a fetishist taking care of his hard cock. It’s important to differentiate a slave from a fetishist.


Princess Britany